July 2017 News Letter

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1.   Hello fellow sailing enthusiests! How would you like to actually sail onboard the Stars and Stripes,  a former contender for the much acclaimed America's Cup race?  Come join us on the Royal Princess for this this highly recommended excursion over Christmas and/or News Year, 2018-2019.(Thsi is a Medallion class cruise, which see below.)

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- America's Cup 12-Cup Meter Yacht Race
Experience the exhilaration of America's Cup yacht racing aboard Dennis Conner's cup-winning Stars and Stripes or contenders Canada II and True North. You'll compete in an actual race around a shortened America's Cup course, and you're invited to "work the boat." The well-trained crew provides all the guidance you need to grind a winch, trim a sail, punch a stopwatch, or take the helm and "drive" the race boat. Or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy what is perhaps the most exclusive sporting event in the world. No previous sailing experience is required.

Enjoy beer, sodas and water on board and a rum punch trophy presentation party upon your return.

2.  Sign prior to August 31, 2017 to take advantage of "Sip + Sail" promotion! We have experienced Sip + Sail and we will always take advantage of this promotion when it is offered  On our last cruise we had signed up for the "beverage package" and it added immensley to our cruise experience in that there were no last minute additions to our final bill.I witnessed people buying 4-5 drinks for their party and I could see the sweat forming on their brows as they added up the tab they knew they wold have to pay for at the end of the cruise.  Trust me on a 15 day cruise, it all adds up!  (Details below).

Sip + Sail (June 20 - August 31, 2017)

Our popular sale is back! Whether it’s a tropical cocktail in the Caribbean, a New Grounds cappuccino in South America, a glass of wine in the Mediterranean or a beer in Alaska, drinks complement the cruise experience. With all destinations, summer 2018 - spring 2019 on sale, book your clients now!

  • FREE All-Inclusive Beverage Package when booking a balcony or above‡
  • FREE Unlimited Soda & More Package for additional guests in your stateroom††
  • FREE Specialty Dining when booking a mini-suite or suite‡‡ through July 5 only!

3.   All US military veterans, make sure you check with us for special promotins  for all veterans!

4.  Come experience Medallion Class, the next quantum leap in cruising, cruising aboard the Royal Princess







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